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Past Events/History

Dec. 2001OPENING —The Textiles of Mexico and the Navajo / Northwest Coast Graphics
Nov. 2003Folk Art Nativities of the Americas/Native American Collection
Oct. 15, 2005El Dia de los Muertos with Altar Designed by Cathy Kyle (dedicated to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina); new museum entrance and gift shop
Nov. 2005Folk Art Nativities of the Americas
Oct. 28, 2006El Dia de los Muertos with Altar Designed by Cathy Kyle; additions to the collection from Argentina & Chile
Feb.1-Mar. 31, 2007Prehistoric Pottery
June 12, 2007The Holderness Collection: Prehistoric Projectile Points, Darts and Arrowheads of Texas
Oct. 20, 2007El Dia de los Muertos & Book Signing with TCU Press/ Cathy Kyle
Mar. 15-May 31, 2008Texas Women and Their Art
June 17-Sept 27, 2008Northwest Coast Indian Art & Design
Nov. 2008Folk Art Nativities of the Americas
Mar. 7-May 22, 2009The Southern Cone: Folk Art and Indigenous Crafts from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay & the Gaucho of the Pampas (with Gaucho items from the collection of Doug Harman, Fort Worth)
June 13-July 30, 2009Rodeo Art and More
July 11, 2009Kay Taylor Burnett – No Odes to Widows (book signing)
Nov. 2009Folk Art Nativities of the Americas
Mar. 13, 2010Mayolica Pottery from Spain and the Mediterranean to the New World
June 12-July 30, 2010Historia & Cultura del Charro (Exhibit on loan from Doug Harman, Fort Worth)
Sept. 25, 2010Kiowa Artist and Storyteller Frank Geionety
Oct. 2010El Dia de los Muertos celebration
Mar. 5-July 30, 2011Along the Navajo Trail
Nov. 1, 2011El Dia de los Muertos celebration and a preview of Folk Art Nativities of the Americas
Nov. 1-Dec. 23, 2011Folk Art Nativities of the Americas
Mar. 3-July 31, 2012Best of the Collection: 10th Anniversary Celebration
Oct. 6-Dec. 22, 2012The Living Maya
Mar. 9-July 30, 2013Beads and Rawhide: Heritage of the Plains Indians
Mar. 15-July 31, 2014Quanah and Cynthia Ann Parker: A Pictorial History (Exhibit on loan from Texas Lakes Trails)
Sept. 16-Nov. 1, 2014Regional Art of Latin America
Dec. 1-Dec. 23, 2014Folk Art Nativities of the Americas
Feb. 28-Aug. 1, 2015Bison bison: The Magnificent Beast of the American Plains
Oct. 24-Dec. 23, 2015Nativities from the Collection of Hilde Horchler
Mar. 5-July 30, 2016Indians of Texas: A Look Back in Time
Oct. 29-Dec. 23, 2016El Dia de los Muertos: Beliefs and Observance in Mexico with Altar designed by Cathy Kyle
April 1-July 30, 2017Potters of Mexico: Cultural Identities in Clay (with pieces on loan from Hilde and Helmut Horchler, Fort Worth)

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Texas Lakes Trail

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