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Permanent Exhibits


Native America

  • Eskimo
  • Northwest Coast
  • California/Nevada
  • Southwest
  • Plateau/Great Basin
  • Plains
  • Northeast Woodlands
  • Subartic
  • Southeast Woodlands
  • Indians of Texas
  • Mississippian Pottery, 750-1250 A.D.
  • Holderness Collection of Texas Arrowheads and Projectile Points
  • Pueblos of New Mexico


  • 19th Century Altar and religious art
  • Noted 20th century potters
  • Regional pottery
  • Mexican laquer ware
  • Toys and miniatures
  • Indigenous crafts
  • Serapes and blankets
  • Indigenous clothing
  • Masks
  • Mexican jewelry
  • Bark paintings
  • Modern Maya of Mexico and Guatemala
  • Miniature Mexican village (over 600 pieces)


  • Representative arts and crafts of Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Central America

  • Cuna Indians of Panama: material culture items; collection of Molas
  • Basketry of Woonan and Embera Indians of Panama and Columbia
  • Guatemalan Masks, Santos, huipils, folkart
  • Representative crafts of Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica

South America

  • Crafts and textiles of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador
  • The Amazon: material culture items, textiles and crafts
  • Mapuche Indians of Southern Chile and Argentina
  • Indigenous peoples of Tierra del Fuego
  • The Gaucho "Cowboy" of Argentina
  • Material culture items and crafts of Indigenous Peoples of Northern Argentina and Paraguay

Texas Lakes Trail


Texas Lakes Trail

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Member, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce

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